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Firefighter equipping the fire truck

Ozark Fire Protection District Proposition Fire

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What is Proposition Fire and Why You Should Be Informed

Providing our community members with effective and efficient emergency services requires well-trained, adequately equipped, and appropriately located firefighters. The problem is OFPD’s critical infrastructure is inadequate to provide these essential services. Facilities, apparatus, and equipment are critical infrastructures our firefighters need to fulfill their duties.

In 2020, community-driven strategic planning was completed to identify our strategic initiatives, critical issues, and a 10-year capital improvement plan. Proposition Fire is presented to the community to address serious issues of our facilities, apparatus, and staffing.

Firefighter in the fire truck
Firefighter prepping the fire truck
Station #1 and Training Facility

Station #1 and Training Facility


Status: Land Purchased

Station #3 Remodel


Status: Fall of 2023

Training Facility


Status: Ongoing

Purchase Apparatus

Purchase Apparatus


Status: Purchased used aerial device, Engine 13 delivery in the fall of 2023.

Aerial Apparatus


Status: Ongoing

Station #2 Lease Obligations


Status: Paid lease obligation, relieved general revenue funding allowing for the addition of 3 additional staff.

Image by Andrew Childress

What is Proposition Fire and Why You Should Be Informed

Not only will these projects benefit Ozark FPD firefighters and crew members, but they’ll greatly benefit the communities we serve.

Facilities, Apparatuses, & Refund Outstanding Lease Obligations

Facility Updates with Proposition Fire

The updates that will happen to our firehouses and facilities with Prop Fire will bring a much-needed facelift to our facilities.

Fire truck at fire station 1

Fire Station #1

Fire Station #1 houses a crew of four (4) firefighters, a battalion chief, and administrative staff. It was built in 1983 and is in a flood zone with a history of serious flooding requiring repairs and remediation. It is located within a space with limited training, expansion, and parking access. It does not provide adequate space for additional firefighters, administrative staff, or apparatus. The proposed solution is to relocate or rebuild Fire Station #1, which will alleviate flooding issues and provide adequate space for growth.

Fire Station #3

Fire Station #3 was built in 1990 when volunteer firefighters served the District; the station was not originally designed or constructed for full-time firefighters. In 2014, full-time staffing was added so that two (2) full-time firefighters were always on duty. In January 2021, firefighters had to be relocated to Station #1 out of concern for their health and safety from air quality and mold issues. The proposed solution will provide the necessary equipment and training, add an additional station for health and safety, and provide additional space for more firefighters and modern fire apparatus. We will also evaluate the feasibility of repairing, replacing and maintaining the current Station #3 as a usable facility.

Firefighter at fire station 3
Fire fighter training

Training Facilities

Training facilities are critical for firefighters to practice and prepare for emergencies. The Ozark Fire District does not have a training facility or the space to provide firefighters with opportunities to enhance skills and proficiency. To meet the training requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or the Insurance Services Office (ISO), we are required to take our crews out-of-service so they can train in neighboring Districts, which include Nixa, Battlefield, Logan-Rogersville, and Springfield. The Proposed solution is to build a training facility that is centrally located within the District. This will allow our crews to train with other public safety agencies.

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