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Ozark Fire Protection District Links and Information for the Community

View and explore the services Ozark FPD provides to the community –

helping keep our communities safe from fire threats.

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Children at the Fire Station

Civic Presentations

Public education deliveries are key to prevention measures. If you would like a presentation, please fill out a request form and allow us to speak with your group about the Ozark Fire Protection District.

Children at the Fire Station

Community CPR Classes

The emergency chain of survival begins with basic knowledge of life-saving measures. Reach out and schedule a CPR delivery.

Children at the Fire Station

Home Safety Evaluation

Safety evaluations and business inspections can help us prepare for an emergency. Request a home fire inspection or business inspection today.

Children at the Fire Station

Fire Station Tour

Crews love showing off the stations, equipment, and apparatus. Schedule a tour of your nearest stations. Fun for kids young and old.

Children at the Fire Station

Public Education Offerings

The first step in fire prevention is public education. The Ozark Fire District provides many levels of educational opportunities for groups of all ages.

Children at the Fire Station

Citizens Fire Academy

The Ozark Fire Protection District Citizens Fire Academy allows citizens to learn about the structure of the district, what firefighters do, and how national trends affect service delivery. Check our calendar for the next academy dates.

Children at the Fire Station

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Quick action is needed during a fire. Having a working fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it are extremely important.

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Additional Resource Links

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