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As requested by submission of the request or phone call to OFPD HQ 417-581-4436.

Main Contact

Assistant Chief Jeff Owens

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Main Location

604 N. 3rd Street.
Ozark, MO 65721

Fire prevention measures are everywhere you look. Flame-resistant carpet, firewalls between rooms, fire extinguishers at every corner, and sprinkler systems are in most commercial structures. However, preventative measures don’t stop there. Public education is our first step to ensure fires don’t occur.

The district responds to a multitude of structure fires annually. Many of these are linked to the overloading of electrical plugs, open flames next to combustible materials, or space heaters left unattended. Fire is our business, and we love to discuss preventative measures that can be taken by children, adults, and senior citizens to prevent the occurrence of a fire in your home. Request a fire presentation by filling out a request form.

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