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Fire Extinguisher Classes

Business, Kids, Community Outreach, Public Education

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Scheduling Details


Please check our calendar for monthly class offerings. Each month class dates will be provided on our calendar. Please complete the online registration for class delivery and we will send you a confirmation of the delivery date.

Main Contact

Assistant Chief Jeff Owens

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Main Location

604 N. 3rd Street.
Ozark, MO 65721

Just like CPR or the use of an AED, the immediate use of a fire extinguisher can save your belongings. Learning the proper techniques for the use of a fire extinguisher is paramount to a successful outcome. Knowing what size and type of extinguisher to buy are crucial when it comes to selection.

Every home should have a fire extinguisher readily accessible in the home. The use of a fire extinguisher is linked to about a 93 % success rate of extinguishing the fire prior to public safety arrival. Check our calendar for available fire extinguisher training.

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